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HANN was founded in 2013 with the purpose of bringing the mind, body and skin into balance and harmony with one another. Recognising the mind and skin are intrinsically intertwined, we have developed a holistic collection of face, body and lifestyle products. All HANN products are free from animal-testing, parabens, sulfates, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances and other skin irritants. 


Asia is the birthplace of many tropical beauty products and secrets. Therefore, we are constantly scouring the East to find the best beauty ingredients to address our skin needs and climate for maximum benefits. Drawing inspiration from traditional Asian remedies and diverse native influences, we have curated a unique, Asia-inspired face and body product range that go beyond curative purposes.


A relaxed mind and body have a positive and powerful impact on the skin and mind. Our second HANN series is a private collection of aromatherapy wellness products, concocted by a team of qualified aromatherapists. Botanical ingredients are sourced from certified organic farmers in USA and Canada to create signature HANN blends, brimming with a medley of vitamins and nutrients. Our passion for wellness had also led us to extend the aromatherapy collection with handcrafted aromatherapy soy candles which embody the therapeutic and medicinal properties of 100% natural, plant-based essential oils. 


We welcomed our latest HANN Medi-Skincare in 2019. Working with leaders in the global medical aesthetic industry, pairing with best-in-class technology and prominent Korean facial plastic surgeons, we have created a highly effective, doctor-grade Multi-Growth Factors range of products. Every product under this range is free of parabens, artificial fragrance, alcohol, colorants, allergens, mineral oil, animal oil, and phenolic and benzophenone antioxidants. This range of products and treatments are currently available at exclusive spas and aesthetics clinics, offering the effectiveness of medical aesthetic techniques and the wellbeing of an urban spa experience at the same time.

Yellow Rose

In 1965, the Pachopos family began producing cosmetic products for skin care professionals. After a few years, they have successfully launched Yellow Rose as a professional cosmetics brand. Since then the business has flourished and till today, the company is still family owned and managed.


Yellow Rose focuses on scientific approach towards skincare products and has a client oriented mentality, they have then managed to achieve the domestic market leader position and have additionally developed an international network of Yellow Rose exclusive distributors and dealers across the globe in over more than 30 countries.


Yellow Rose professional cosmetics cover a complete range of face and body skincare products and expert treatments, both for professional and personal use. Yellow Rose also offers cosmetic equipment and accessories providing all round skin care solutions for the beauty professional.

As part of Yellow Rose total quality management procedures, they apply continuous checks both on raw materials and final products so as to achieve the best quality that they have been offering customers for over 40 years. 

Yellow Rose privately-owned modern facilities are located at the outskirts of Athens, and their factory is equipped with high technology machinery for production and packaging as well as fully outfitted laboratories for Research & Development, Chemical and Microbiological analyses.

Yellow Rose Professional Cosmetics are innovative skin care products that are safe, effective and accommodate the needs of beauty professionals as well as retail clients. Ingredients are used at optimum levels offering the best possible synergistic action thus allowing both immediate and long term effects. All formulas incorporate stringently selected natural raw materials combined with the latest cosmetic science developments.


159 Sin Ming Road

Amtech Building, #05-06

Singapore 575625

T:   +65 6778 8880


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